January 7, 2015


How do you take a synthesizer and cello, completely different instruments, and get them to co-inhabit the same sonic space? Can analog and digital both effectively transcend one another until they’re flowing interchangeably? These are just a few of the questions multi-platinum recording artist and self proclaimed technologist, BT is trying to provide answers to with his Electronic Opus.

“Honestly, it can get really boring playing electronic music in a club environment,” says BT describing his desire to continually try something new. So paired with an orchestra in Miami on March 29th 2015, BT will finally bring his EDM (electronic dance music) songs to life in a new way he’s mostly just imagined up until now—melding his most popular songs with the warmth and emotional heft of a real live symphony in one performance and album.

BTPhoto: courtesy of BT

“I’ve proposed this idea for years to record executives, club promoters, and festival promoters, and quite literally had people laugh in my face and say ‘people who like dance music will never like orchestral music and vice versa,'” BT says. “And I passionately believe they’re wrong.”


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